All images taken by Tracy Kolenchuk

TALES Alberta Storytelling Festival - Edmonton

The TALES Festival has been around for over 25 years. In 2015 we are making the move from Fort Edmonton Park to Old Strathcona. The great news for festival goers is that daytime storytelling sets are now completely free! 

The festival kicks off with school programming on Thursday May 22nd. The public kick off is our Story Slam at The Pint Thursday evening.

On Saturday night we have a concert. Ruth Stewart-Verger tells the story of Marie-Anne Lagimodiere in story and song.

We also have workshops for storytellers Friday evening and Sunday morning. 

There's a story for everyone

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Wise and Wilful Women +1

The Wise and Wilful Women  journey back to 1935 where three women are gathered for tea. You might know them. Isabella Lougheed, Nellie McClung and Mary Scott Widner, women of adventure. They remember earliest days in Calgary, and recount the trials and triumphs of their lives – Who carries their legacy now?

Our event held in Olympic Plaza was an absolute pleasure and honour to perform among the statues of the Famous Five monument in downtown Calgary.

If you would like to see this performance in your school, home, library or event space, please get in touch.


Spine Tingling Tales- Edmonton Event

Strong and Willful Women in Honour of Orunamamu

World Storytelling Day Calgary- Lantern Church

Photos By Doug Wong

Karen Gummo's Seeds of Memories- Video