TALES has a diverse group of talented tellers who just love to tell stories.

  Available: Days, Evenings & Weekends

Available: Days, Evenings & Weekends

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Karen Gummo                               Calgary, AB    

Story Topics: Norse myths, folktales, legends, family tales, nature stories and history stories.

Proud of her Icelandic and Danish ancestry, Karen Gummo relishes and performs sagas of the ancients as well as more recent tales of Vikings on the prairie. Wisdom tales from around the world as well as her own invented stories are an important part of her repertoire as well. Since 1997 she has been working in Calgary schools and beyond, nurturing the creative spirit in folks of all ages through workshops and school residencies. She has been part of TALES since its inception and values the generous community of storytellers found there. Please visit www.karengummo.squarespace.com for more information.

 Available: Afternoons, Evenings & Weekends

Available: Afternoons, Evenings & Weekends

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Mary Hays                                            Olds, AB

Story Topics: Mary’s storytelling delights audiences of all ages through traditional tales, personal, and historical stories. Her storytelling programs combine the use of traditional storytelling, readers theatre, puppetry, flannel figures, historical artifacts and rhymes. Mary can offer workshops on a variety of topics including: storytelling, puppetry, readers theatre, vocal care, poetry, family stories and early literacy.

CD: COME AWAY… with story, music and song.

COME AWAY… Once Upon A Time Beckons. Come away on a magical journey travelling with story, song and music. Mary Hays’ heartfelt family stories are passed down for generations. These stories provide a frame for her creative retelling of the ancient Celtic folktales. The tales continue to speak their universal wisdom. The storytelling journey is carried along with delightful music by Voice Dance- Lorriw Lipski, Kate Chapman and Ania Hamel, ranging from instrumental to capella; the joyful original composition original composition Ania’s Not-So-Real carriers the listener to the three part vocal harmony of Dulámán sun in Traditional Gaelic.



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 Phot Credit: Doug Wong

Phot Credit: Doug Wong




 Available: Days, evenings and weekends

Available: Days, evenings and weekends

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 Available: Weekdays - evenings and weekends

Available: Weekdays - evenings and weekends

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 Available: Days, evenings and weekends

Available: Days, evenings and weekends

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Available Evenings and weekends

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Available Days, Evenings, midnight, weekends

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Languages: English and with enough warning, French



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Cassy Welburn                          Calgary, AB

Languages: English and Sign Language

Cassy is a poet and storyteller with a background in theatre, who has had her work published and broadcast. She has been telling stories across Canada and Australia for the past 25 years. Traditional folktales from around the world, often learned from her students from abroad, are favourites. She enjoys telling classics from literature such as: Isaac Singer, Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and from Sherlock Holmes adapted to the oral tradition. Experienced in leading workshops and performing.



Maria Hopkins                         Calgary, AB

Languages: English, Esperanto, Polish

Born in Poland and a resident of Canada since 1989, Maria-Teresa is an artist of verbal and visual expression. She has been performing as a storyteller in BC, Alberta and Ontario for over fifteen years at a diversity of venues such as schools, festivals, private parties and retirement homes.




Betty Hersberger                       Calgary, AB

With more than 40 years of storytelling experience, Betty Hersberger's performances are a collage that can include poems, songs, riddles, rhymes, tradition tales, and family stories.  Recently, she has interpreted writings by and about Nellie McClung, giving solo and collaborative performances as McClung at various venues.  She is a founding member of the Calgary Chapter of The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling: TALES.




Marie Bryce                               Calgary, AB

Story Topics: 

Wild Storyteller, Marie Bryce, is passionate about stories, spoken word, movement and song. Marie loves to tell stories in a variety of settings and is often inspired by the great outdoors. She is a passionate facilitator of workshops and groups. Marie is also working towards becoming a certified InterPlay Leader with www.interplay.org. For more information on Marie check out her website www.thewildstoryteller.com.




Doreen Vanderstoop                   Calgary, AB

Doreen Vanderstoop is a Calgary-based storyteller/musician/writer. Doreen performs for both large and intimate groups in numerous settings including seniors homes, festivals, story cafes, schools, churches and historical celebrations. She loves presenting a mix of stories and music on a theme and has a special place in her heart for senior audiences.




Calum Lykan                      Calgary, Alberta

  (Will Travel throughout AB)

Scottish and Irish folk tales and legends, Norse and Greek myths, tales from Europe, Asia, America are just some of the stories that Calum likes to tell.

A passionate and energetic teller with a style that engages younger audiences, teenagers and adults alike, Calum has told in libraries, schools, community centres, public houses, theatres, festivals and even on the street. Life is breathed into the story with each telling and Calum’s passion for storytelling drives him to take every opportunity to entertain and give the gift of the story.

Born in Ayrshire in the heart of Burns country, Calum grew up surrounded by the stories from this rich and beautiful area. Like the Bard, Calum also moved to Edinburgh where he was a regular contributor at such nights as Cafe Voices and The Guid Crack.

Calum Lykan is also the founder of The Burgh Blatherers Group, a development night for new and apprentice storytellers, and The Burgh Blatherers Club, a monthly open mic night.

Traditional Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales
Historical Tales
Whisky Tales
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Jan Maclean                                 Calgary, AB

Jan McLean has been telling stories for all of her days. Whether in the oil patch where she works as an engineer, with teen groups, girl guides, in classrooms, cafes, bookstores or with her choir, listeners have loved her sense of humour, her wisdom and her spark of connection with the audience.



Ginger Mullen                             Calgary, AB

Since 1992, Ginger Mullen’s immersion into the oral tradition has led to a unique storytelling style that blends performance and scholarship.  Having earned a Master of Arts that focused on folktales in general, and the ballad of “Tam Lin” in particular, she brings to her craft a deep and layered understanding of the stories she tells.  Currently, she juggles several roles that draw on her multi-disciplinary knowledge.  She teaches Storytelling at Mount Royal University in Calgary and University of British Columbia in Vancouver.  She presents papers about various folktales both nationally and internationally.  And she continues to tell stories and facilitate programs for schools and community organizations.

Stephanie Benger                       Edmonton, AB

Story Topics: Alberta folklore, tall tales, biographical and historical stories, world folklore, mythology, silly stories and teaching tales.

Stephanie is a published and produced Edmonton writer who got into storytelling to enlighten and entertain her kids and now finds she enjoys the direct connection with a whole variety of audiences. She has told to audiences from City Hall, cafés, schools and festivals.





RENÉE ENGLOT                            Edmonton, AB

 As a teenager, Renée Englot began storytelling for children at church; she continues to tell Biblical stories. Renée also does school programs for elementary and junior high students, and workshops for students and teachers, beginning and journeyman storytellers, and corporate groups. She has performed at festivals, concerts and cafes across Western Canada and the U.S. Renée’s favorite stories to tell are funny folktales from around the world and dramatic Biblical stories.




Kathy Jessup                            Edmonton, AB

Story Topics: Fun, families, fairytales, relationships, life’s lessons, laughter.

Kathy Jessup has been a professional storyteller for over twenty years.  She tells stories for all ages and has performed in schools, libraries, concerts and festivals across Canada and internationally. Kathy's CD of original stories, "Listen Up!" was recommended by the Canadian Children's Book Centre in their guide "Best Books for Kids and Teens." The CCBC has also chosen Kathy (twice) as a featured storyteller in their national touring program. Kathy's performances for adults and teens include a set of Alaska Highway stories based on her family history. For more info, visit:   www.kathyjessup.com





Marie Anne McLean                    Edmonton, AB

Story Topics:Celtic Folklore, original prairie stories, humour, nostalgia and surprise stories.

Marie Anne has a casual open style of telling to family and adult audiences. Her stories help people to smile at life.






Bethany Ellis                                 Edmonton, AB

Widely travelled with a background in theatre and teaching, Bethany Ellis tells stories that are: dramatic, reflective, hilarious, spooky, educational, interactive, inspirational, cross-cultural, musical, ancient, modern, mathematical, historical and whimsical. She has taken her tales to England, Asia and Africa and across Canada in classrooms, libraries, theatres, behind barns and under trees, but only once in a graveyard.






Jennie Frost                                 Edmonton, AB

Story Topics: Greek and Roman myth and history, folktales, literary stories; workshops on storytelling, writing, “The Greek Alphabet With Story”, and “A History of the English Language.”

Jennie has performed for audiences of all ages at festivals, concerts, conferences, libraries and schools in nine provinces and one territory. In 2013 Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada (SC-CC) chose Jennie as the 2013 StorySave Storyteller.  Each year SC-CC records one Canadian storyteller to preserve some of his/her unique style and repertoire as part of Canada’s cultural heritage.—see www.storysave.wordpress.com. Jennie launched her 3-CD set Across 5000 Years: Stories from Ancient Greece and Modern Literature in Ottawa in July and in Edmonton in November, 2013.

Jennie is also an author. In 2005 she published her first book, The Courtship of Hippodameia (Mellen, New York) and a 2-CD set Pygmalion and Other Greek Myths (Sheer Vanity Productions, Edmonton). She has also published prizewinning poetry and short stories. For more information check out her websites at: http://www.storytellers-conteurs.ca  and http://www.yabs.ab.ca/artistprofile.php?id=33





Wendy Edey                                 Edmonton, AB

Wendy tells healing stories that take you on a journey of heartbreak and humour, tragedy and triumph, hardship and hope. Backed by years of experience in adding a light touch to serious topics such as grieving, disability, care giving and illness, she is a speaker of choice at health, social service and educational conferences. She offers workshops on developing healing stories, starting hopeful stories and growing personal stories. Her writing is featured in professional journals, agency newsletters, caregiver anthologies, Our Canada Magazine and on her blog, www.thehopelady.blogspot.ca.



Kerry McPhail                                St. Albert, AB

Kerry earned a B.A., a B.Ed and an M.Ed specializing in Drama, Language Arts/literacy and integrating the two. This training helped her create her own brand of storytelling – “Interactive Storytelling”. Through her business T.I.E. Dynamics, Kerry performs her one-of-a-kind stories at schools, science fairs, West Edmonton Mall, libraries, 15 years at Kidsfringe and yearly at the TALES storytelling Festival. Her more traditional telling of an original tale can be heard on the TALES on the Wind CD.

Mary Ann Lippiatt                      New Sarepta, AB

Traveling with Story in My Pocket since 1991, Mary Ann's animated storytelling has engaged intergenerational audiences in venues throughout Alberta and abroad. Her unique storytelling provides "edu-tainment" at festivals, schools, libraries, retirement homes and conference workshops. Customized programming of theme based or multicultural diversity is interwoven with story visuals and interactive audience participation. From homegrown farm girl stories, to exotic tales, every story experience is a journey of delightful discovery! For more information please visit www.yabs.ab.ca.



Pearl-Ann Gooding                    Wainwright, AB

Story Topics: Fairytales, Folktales, Interactive Stories, Humorous Family Tales and Tales with Canadian Twists.

"I love the quick-paced interaction that a room full of children wrapped up in a story can bring. The fun, the laughter, the sparkling eyes, from a tale well-told has a joy that can touch your soul. But, the intimate telling of a tale that has several layers and meanings to an older audience is extremely fulfilling to me." Pearl-Ann's love of oral literature has taken her across Canada performing and attending concerts, festivals, museums, libraries, schools and conferences.




Jim Green                                 Twin Butte, AB

Jim Green is a storyteller, poet, writer, journalist and broadcaster. His repertoire of stories, songs, poems and observations of the human condition will bring a little comfort and joy into your life. He'll soothe your soul with his irrepressible, infectious sense of humor and his homespun honesty. His performances have been called entertaining, provocative, whacky, and just a tad outrageous. Jim has performed his own material in every province and territory of the country. For more information please visit Jim's website at: www.jimgreenstoryteller.com.