Votes for Women! - June 2 in Edmonton Alberta 7pm

April 19, 2016 marked the 100 year anniversary of the passage of Alberta's Act for Equal Suffrage. Renée Englot has been studying the women who got Alberta to that point, their struggles and their successes. She's also delved into the lives of those women who were Alberta (and the British Empire)'s first elected officials. Renée has been supported in this endeavour by a whole host of TALES members. Renée is also very grateful for the financial support of The Alberta Historical Resources Board who are able to provide grants thanks to the Alberta Lotteries Fund. TALES also received funding for this project from the Edmonton Heritage Council. We've had great fun researching the women, finding costuming, searching out photos and documents, creating quiz shows, writing, re-writing and rehearsing. Bethany and Renée can hardly wait for audiences to see those women brought to life through the power of storytelling.