Storytelling Alberta, formerly known as TALES, has operated since 1982 as a non-profit organization promoting the tradition of oral storytelling. Support the art of storytelling today and donate.



Storytelling Alberta, once known as TALES, The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling began in the early ‘80s. Dave and Andrea Spalding, Anne Anderson, and Annette LeGrange were some of the founding members.

Early meetings were held in Red Deer. Then Village Bookshop, in Edmonton, offered the lower floor for a meeting space. Anne Anderson worked in the Book Shop and she invited patrons telling them “We have storytellers meeting in the basement on Friday nights. You should come You’ll like it.” People joined as listeners and as tellers because storytelling only works if you have both of those.

During those years, the Calgary chapter hosted our first retreat, a wonderful idea. The retreat eventually became an annual event. Calgary’s chapter evolved over the same time period with it’s own growth and similar venues in its development.

A Lethbridge chapter flourished for a while and there was also a chapter in Stony Plain/Spruce Grove for some years. A chapter continues to meet successfully in Sherwood Park. There are members at large scattered around the province in centres where there in no full chapter.

Between 1986 and 88 there were opportunities for some tellers to do paid gigs. In 1987 and several subsequent years we were invited to be in the Edmonton Folk Festival. 

Then in 1988, we entered the Fringe Theatre Festival. We were in the Fringe for the following three years. During those years we began producing concerts, two or three each year. In 1991 we joined Tellabration, an International evening of stories for the first time.

Since 1988, we have run a Festival of Storytelling at Fort Edmonton Park. In 2015 the Festival moves to Whyte Avenue. In the last three we have included a set for youth tellers.




As elder tellers have retired, new people have joined. We are always happy to welcome for new tellers of every generation.

Storytelling Alberta has been a part of public celebrations, Festivals, private gatherings, educational workshops, conferences and retreats. and an amazing variety of gigs for three decades.


We present Storytelling Festivals, workshops, retreats, public concerts, story cafes, T.V. and radio shows, and Children’s, Folk, and Family Festivals. Storytellers visit schools, libraries, museums, interpretive/ tourist centres, hospitals, seniors-lodges and churches - wherever people gather. We tell folk tales, family stories, personal stories and historical tales. The work of TALES members can be enjoyed on the new CD, "TALES on the wind..." and in the Red Deer Press publication, Under the Wide Blue Sky – Alberta Stories to Read and Tell, ed. Lisa Hurst-Archer.


TALES (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling) has operated since 1982 as a non-profit organization promoting the tradition of oral storytelling. We are storytellers, story listeners, writers, interpreters, speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, curators, librarians, ministers, educators, and parents - anyone who celebrates the art of storytelling!


As a member of TALES you become a member of a community of listeners, storytellers and would-be storytellers; who unite to foster story, the essence of human experience through the activity of the organization.

Membership Benefits:

  • Notification about Storytelling Alberta events

  • Opportunity to host and perform at Storytelling Alberta events (story cafés; Tellarounds; concerts; workshops)

  • Discounts for workshops

  • Discount for attending the annual Retreat

  • $10 discount on membership with Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada

  • Performer bio and picture on the website directory

  • Eligibility for Storytelling Alberta awards (Storyteller Laureate/Emerging Storyteller) and grants

  • Access to Members-Only section of Storytelling Alberta website

  • Newsletter

  • Access to information/support to help navigate some of the challenges around storytelling practice

  • Opportunities to connect with other performers in the storytelling community to improve one’s storytelling practice and secure other performance opportunities at non-Storytelling Alberta events

  • Opportunities to participate as a Storytelling Alberta Board member or as a Chapter administrator to promote the art form and increase performance opportunities for all

Memberships run annually beginning in July

  • Annual membership $40.00

  • Students membership $15.00

  • Organization $40.00 (Includes one discounted rate/event)

  • Download the membership form here: